Weight Loss Wednesday – Water

One of the questions I get asked about my weight loss is “How do you do it?” I’ll tell you the simplest answer. Water. It is the primary reason I’ve dropped from 305 to 228 (currently) pounds in 9 months.

Yes, I know that water has no flavor and it doesn’t compare to anything else. It’s not fizzy or sweet. I had to force myself to like water. I bought a refillable bottle and carry it with me everywhere so I always have it. It was an adjustment to go from drinking Mountain Dew exclusively to water. Eventually, after I kept drinking it, I began to LOVE water.

Water bottle
I bought this bottle for $5. I fill it at LEAST 2, sometimes 3 times a day.

Don’t get me wrong, I am still a bit picky. I’m not a fan of tap water (unless it’s through a municipal delivery) so I buy gallons for 88 cents of store brand water. If you are even more picky and have a preference for a certain type of water, stick with that. I also prefer my water extremely cold and drink more than if it’s warmer, but sometimes there is no choice. The more water you drink the better you will feel and the more you will learn to love it.

I do have a glass of Mountain Dew with my dinner, but it’s water any other time. Moderation is the key to everything.

Time for Trent to see an ENT doctor

Trent has a history of ear infections. I can recall at least 3 since October (his current one included) when we switched pediatricians, which was the best decision EVER. He also had quite a few during his first year. He tends to get them without triggers and the doctor did state that he has narrow ear canals and we decided it’s time to do a specialist visit to check everything. I’d like to avoid future ear infections. Even more concerning is that it can affect his hearing and speech. His language development isn’t “quite” where the doctor wants it. He can communicate what he wants and tries to repeat what we say, but it’s not very clear. I’m not too concerned to be honest, but we’re going to stay pro-active to ensure he gets everything he needs.

Gracie is going to be starting Kindergarten this September. I’m so excited for her and so is she. She always wants to go to school and asks every time she sees a bus. I went to parent orientation last night and got a lot of information that I needed to know about school procedures and policies along with specific information about the curriculum and methods they use for teaching. She has her screening appointment on Tuesday and we’ll get to discuss her results immediately after.

Weight loss is going well. I’m holding steady around 230 right now. I’m looking forward to getting more active and going for walks, but I need to get a double stroller or something for Gracie so I can walk at more than 2 mph.

Restaurant.com’s Summer Blockbuster Event is an Amazing Deal

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