Stents are a Form of Medieval Torture

I’ve had quite the health adventure the past week. It started with agonizing pain that woke me out of a deep sleep Wednesday night. It lasted about 20 minutes and I fell back asleep. The same thing happened Thursday night and again on Friday. I thought it was my gallbladder because I had no issues with going to the bathroom. Saturday night it happened again and I decided I couldn’t take it anymore and we left for the ER at 4am. We got pounded with like a foot of wet snow too, so it was an adventurous drive. We dropped the kids off at my mom’s (she was on call b/c she knew this was a possibility).

Got to the ER and didn’t have any major pain and almost decided not to go, but decided I should since I was there. I got a CT scan and an IV. The nurse ended up trying twice to get a vein and the second time it hurt SO bad but she wouldn’t re-do it. I had a bruise and quite a bit of pain from that. They found a 6mm kidney stone on my right side that wasn’t moving because the ureter was too narrow to allow it to get down to my bladder. The hospital gave me the option to get the stent put in that day or wait until Monday. I opted to go home with pain killers and wait because I didn’t want to sit in a hospital all day on a Sunday when things would take twice as long. I got hydrocodon and spent the afternoon visiting family. I had one major flare up at my brother-in-laws that left me bawling on the floor, but luckily it was brief. I didn’t have any issues that night, but I took pain killers before bed to ensure that. I thought nothing could be worse than that. I was wrong.

Monday morning I got the call that I could get in at 4 for stent placement and needed to be at the hospital by 2:30. I got there and did all that pre-op fun stuff while my MIL stayed with me. The doctor didn’t show up until 5, which is when Diane left to go pick up Randy so he could drive me home since I would be drugged up. All the doctors, nurses and the anesthesiologist were awesome and super nice. I woke up around 6:20 feeling like I had to pee like no one’s business. Randy showed up about 10 minutes later and then we hit up fast food because I hadn’t eaten since he previous night. I knew the stent had to be put in and couldn’t eat during the day. I was mildly uncomfortable for awhile and then the pain started to intensify.

Stents are horrible. I constantly feel like I have to pee like OMG RIGHT NOW! and have a burning sensation that refuses to go away. I’d compare it to a UTI that doesn’t give relief. The stent isn’t going to be removed until April 10th. Hydros make me SO tired but without them I have pain by my kidney. Things get worse when I’m on my feet and keep trying to tell myself to rest, but I don’t really know how to since I do everything around the house and for the kids while Randy is working. They’re also making me nauseated so I’m not eating a whole lot. Randy got AZO for me so I could try to get some relief. It’s helping a little bit but I’m still VERY uncomfortable.

My best friend Hope is coming over tonight after Randy gets out of work. She’ll be staying with me until Tuesday evening, but I’m not getting the stent removed until Thursday. I can’t wait. Let me say it again. I can not WAIT.

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Randy got a Promotion!

Randy just walked bounced through the door on his lunch break to tell me that a promotion is on the table for him! He started as a milker and got promoted to a pusher (the one who brings the cows back and forth to get milked and takes care of some other tasks). Currently he works 8a-8p and has off on Sun/Mon. Well, the two herdsmen are out with injuries for at least a couple weeks and Randy was approached to step up. He’ll be working from 6:30a-4p (at the latest) so he will get SO MUCH MORE time with the kids. That right there is a huuuuuuuuge benefit that makes me so super duper excited. He’ll also have his days off switched to Fri/Sat.

The only thing that concerns me is that he’ll be losing (on average) about 6 hours a week so I hope that the position comes with a pay increase that will make up the difference. Even if it didn’t though, I’m still excited because time is something that I will never put a price on. It’s also currently going to be a temporary position with potential to turn permanent, but they need to work out details and timing for it all because the farm has been dealing with a few injuries lately and they need a pusher before he can jump ship. It looks like they might need to hire a few more people, but I’ll say it again that I’m so excited for him.

More than anything I’m proud of how incredibly hard-working he is and I imagine his employer is quite happy that they took a chance on him. It obviously paid off.